Spotting her target, the lady in uniform took Gmiwan by the arm and began to shuffle him toward Mary. Mary gave herself a shake to break the spell, and with Sonny pasted to her side, took a few steps forward. Obviously something had happened to Gmiwan." Moving back through three decades, through World War II, the Depression and years spent in the horrific residential Mohawk Institute, Where Mary Went is the first half of a two-volume work of a brilliant and compelling new First Nations storyteller. This is the story of Mary Fisher, an engaging young girl who turns into a tough yet tender young wife and mother. It is also the story of the men in her life: her father, a proud and gentle man who loses his children through no fault of his own; her husband Gmiwan, a sensitive artist not made for the rigors of war; and Tom Dunsby, the mayor of Jackson, whose unrequited love for Mary knows no bounds. Tender, tragic and beautifully poignant, set against the backdrop of fears of displacement, hunger and death, Where Mary Went is a sensual novel of relationships that offers up inspiring revelations, heart-breaking twists and boundless expression of spirit.

Where Mary Went